Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Recap: Girls Go Glam & Duggar To-Dos

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19 Kids and Counting "Duggar Girls Go Glam"
  • Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna visit Freshair Salon to experiment with hair and makeup styles for Jill's wedding. "We never really go to salons," says Jessa. "We have friends who can cut hair, and they will do that for us."
  • At the salon, the four oldest girls have their hair curled and pulled partway back, while Joy requests a full up-do. On the day of the wedding, they decide to wear their hair curly and mostly down, which is Derick's favorite style.
  • When asked about her relationship status, Jana replies that she is "good with just waiting right now."
  • Joy-Anna says she does not plan on entering into a relationship any time soon.  "It's just a lot of work," shares the almost-17-year-old.
  • After hair and makeup, the girls browse for bridesmaids dresses. They are looking for a dress that provides covering from the "neck to knee" and is practical enough to be worn for future events.
  • The girls fall in love with a lacy, mint green dress. To make it fit Duggar modesty standards, Jana purchases an additional dress for extra material so she can add sleeves, raise the neckline, extend the length, and create a more vintage look. The dresses cost less than $30 each.
  • Jana is the family's primary seamstress, although Jessa, Jill and Michelle are also proficient at sewing. Jana says Jinger and Joy are "working" on their sewing skills.
  • In Washington D.C., Anna and the kiddos learn how to prepare healthy foods from Heather, a friend they met at the farmer's market. For a snack, they prepare meatball-grape-pineapple kabobs, which Mackynzie and Michael love. For dinner, Heather introduces fingerling potatoes cooked with olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper; green beans and squash; and salmon with peaches.
  • Josh approves: "Anna and Heather did a great job with the meal." The kids don't care for the squash, but they enjoy the rest of it.
 19 Kids and Counting "Duggar To-Dos"
  • The Duggars usually purchase shoes from thrift stores, but they decide to splurge for Jill's wedding. Michelle, Grandma Duggar, and the girls head to Famous Footwear to pick out tan heels for the bridesmaids and white sandals for the flower girls. Jill plans to go barefoot.
  • "I think that every girl likes a new pair of shoes," says Jinger.
  • When asked if any of her daughters have a shoe obsession, Michelle responds that a number, and perhaps all, of her girls could fit that bill.
  • After their honeymoon, Jill and Derick will temporarily live in a large house that Jim Bob owns and plans to sell soon. While the ladies shop, the guys meet a flooring specialist at the house to lay carpeting. The Duggar dad's goal is for his sons to learn a new skill they can use throughout their lives.
  • Some guys would find it inconvenient to constantly have their younger siblings around, especially while doing jobs that could potentially go much quicker without having to supervise little ones, but John-David says he sees it as "planning for the future."
  • In D.C., Josh and Anna and the kids decide to make a (slightly unconventional) wedding gift for Jill and Derick...a Nepal-themed baby mobile.
  • "For anyone else, I wouldn't get them a baby gift as a wedding gift, but for a Duggar, it's just kind of appropriate," says Anna. The reasoning behind the theme is that Nepal is where Jill and Derick's love story began.
  • Does Anna hope to be pregnant again soon? "I would love to have more children, but it's just that balance of welcoming more and enjoying the three children that God has for me," says the young mom. 
  • As the show wraps up, the Duggar ladies keep Jana company while she alters the bridesmaids dresses.
  • "We have a lot of work to do on these dresses to make them fit right and work right, but we also have a short period of time to do it," says Jana. Just a few weeks until the wedding!

Recap: Girls Go Glam & Duggar To-DosRecap: Girls Go Glam & Duggar To-Dos

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